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Adonai UK Meet the team

Our team

Adonai UK was founded at the request of  Pastor Aloysious Luswata and his wife Abby. Prior to this, support for Adonai Family Uganda (AFU) had been on an informal basis but as the work grew and AFU gained official Non-Government Organisation (NGO) status in Uganda there was need on both sides to formalise the relationship for the purposes of transparency and accountability.

Adonai UK registered as a charity in 2010 and our details can be found here:

Who are we?

Adonai UK is managed by a group of 6 trustees, pictured above, who all have a role to play. Christine oversees our Child Sponsorship programme; Sue is our finance officer; Dave and Dina are fonts of wisdom; Richard and Hazel, as Chair and Administrator, oversee all aspects of our work. The board of trustees is a great team of friends who work well together and aren't afraid to question and challenge each other when appropriate.

Penny, also pictured, is the Patron of Adonai Family Uganda and imparts much wisdom to both sides.

Aloysious and Abby are pictured here on their previous visit to the UK in 2018.

Latest news

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