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Where Love Becomes Action

Jajja Penny in Uganda

In November last year (2023), 6 of us met up to spend a few weeks in the care of Abbie and Aloysious of Adonai family Uganda. We spent our days doing a variety of things at the centre and in the schools there and at New Horizon (part of our sister project Ruach Life).

We GIVE THANKS for easy, attractive new accommodation above the medical centre. The veranda looked across grassland to a small stand of banana plants beyond which was the very large, ex chicken coop that with paint, shelving and electrics was prepared ready for a new boy’s dormitory.

Bryan put second lights in the Adonai classrooms, and mentored his grandson and friend (on a gap year) building bookshelves, one for each classroom. Bryan also put a sink into the kitchen of our accommodation. This thrilled Caroline and others who cooked, washed up and generally looked after us brilliantly. Jonnie taught science and sport and kept an experienced eye on the boys, who also did some sport with him. Christine painted for hours on end! 12 cases at 23 kilos at last delivered much of her stored clothing, pencils, shoes, toothbrushes etc and queues of children happily left with their gifts. Plastering the teachers accommodation was funded too and rats were no longer able to run up and down the walls!

I, Penny, had Emmanuel, the eldest boy of the family, as a driver, employed to take me to see most of the long term sponsored children at school or with relatives.

There was so much to make me GLAD OF HEART. Many visits revealed sponsored young people progressing in their education, some already making preparation for employment.

At Buddo, our funding for a huge water project attracted extra funding from Rotary Uganda who put pipes for 3 water stations lower down through the village.

My house was beautifully cared for; 2 women live there as well as being of use to the children of the family who let me build on their farmland. Here are 4 of the team with all but one of the children. Peter was working up north.

So much to encourage INVESTMENT IN THE FUTURE

Beside the Luswata’s house at Buddo work is well underway on the second floor of the girls’ hostel. An extra bedroom, a food storage room and large room to be used as a dining and homework room. Soon 16 girls can study and be safe, mentored and protected there. These teenagers are extra vulnerable without parents. (Photo from Aloysious Jan 2024)

A two and a half acre plot of enriched land has been bought, that is a short ride from Adonai centre so children can be taken there to learn how to grow food for the school. Acquiring it was an answer to prayer and Aloysious’ good negotiating skills because others wanted it. The main 19 acre farm produces well but is more than 2 hours drive away and travelling wasn’t allowed during Covid.

APPRECIATION from the family in Uganda seems to be a part of love in action. Every family visited with a sponsored child was so grateful. On our last day there was a farewell party with many young people once sponsored now qualified workers. Varied jobs include:- Beauticians, a nurse, midwife, lab technician, hairdresser, electrician, plumber etc.

As usual it was a time of learning and sharing and hopefully you too are now encouraged to continue to give thanks, invest in the future and live with gladness of heart: Philippians 1 v 3-6.