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Christmas 2023 at Adonai

Grateful thanks to those who contributed to our Christmas Appeal. With your help, we were able to fund a party for the sponsored children and a Christmas Feast for those in need in the local community.

Christmas Party 🥳

As usual, the party was held in nearly December as once the schools break up, the children return to their homes and it is not easy to gather them all together before the start of the new term.

As well as food and fun, each child was able to select a gift from a wonderful array on offer. Each gift is useful – clothes, a blanket, a school bag etc. The faces say it all!

Christmas Dinner 🍴

Thanks to you, we were able to fund the purchase of a cow which provided fresh meat for many Grannies, widows, and families in need in the community. Those able to reach the Adonai site collected their portions of beef; those unable to get there had their portions delivered by the Adonai team.