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Adonai Family Uganda (AFU)

AFU was founded by Pastor Aloysious Luswata and his wife Abi. It started life in a small way:

Aloysious and his wife Abi were heart broken by the plight of the many children in their locality orphaned by the scourges of poverty and HIV. They put love into action and took orphaned children into their own home. In 2007 there were 23 children living under their roof! They also established a small primary school on the same plot of land as their home and church.

The current situation

The small seed planted by Aloysious and Abi’s compassion has taken root and grown far beyond expectations. The original 3 classroom basic primary school has been replaced by two modern purpose built buildings on land funded by supporters. These Junior and Infant Departments now provide a Christian based education for approximately 300 pupils.

Two children’s homes – one each for girls and boys – with dedicated houseparents to look after them were constructed and the site was renamed Adonai Child Development Centre. At the time of writing (December 2022), a home for the older girls has been partly built on the site of the Luswata's own home and a new home for the boys is under construction at the main centre. See Christine's report on the News page for the current situation.

The site also now boasts a medical centre. This wonderful facility started life as a mission house for visiting teams but the need for local medical services promoted a change of use during the construction stage and it is proving invaluable. Staffed by a trained nurse/midwife and a lab technician, Adonai can offer testing and treatment for common illnesses and diseases such as Malaria and typhoid as well as providing much-needed pre and post natal care.

The Child Development Centre has become part of a much bigger vision – Adonai Family Uganda. Aloysious and his team are reaching out into the community to help needy families in a variety of ways: some are given loans to finance micro-finance projects, others are included on the Adonai food programme, and many are generally cared for and watched over. The church has planted a second branch in a nearby trading centre with an emphasis on youth. You can find out more about the work of Adonai Family Uganda on their own website:

Adonai UK has helped to fund the building projects listed above as well as the purchase of 10 acres of land for food cultivation and vocational training and gardens at the centre cultivated during the Covid Lockdowns. We also co-ordinate a child sponsorship programme. See our Sponsorship page for more information.

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