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Meet the team

Adonai UK was founded at the request of Aloysious and Abi Luswata. Prior to this, support for Adonai Family Uganda (AFU) had been on an informal basis but as the work grew and AFU gained official Non-Government Organisation (NGO) status in Uganda there was need on both sides to formalise the relationship for the purposes of transparency and accountability.

Adonai UK meets Adonai Family Uganda

Back row: Trustees – Hazel, Richard, Dave, Dina, Christine
Front row: Directors of Adonai Uganda Aloysious and Abbie, Patron – Penny.

The Luswatas approached Richard and Hazel Britton and they in turn enlisted Christine Allwright to join them as Child Sponsorship Co-ordinator, Dina Haywood as Finance officer and Dave Haywood for general support. Dina handed over the treasure role to Sue Boardman in 2015 but remains a trustee and uses her financial knowledge to support Sue.

The Ugandan board appointed Penny O’Bee as their patron and she provides an invaluable link between the Ugandan and UK teams as she visits AFU annually spending approximately 3 months in Uganda.

Adonai UK gained charitable status in 2010 and is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Details of our registration, along with our annual reports and accounts, can be viewed at 

Our charity number is 1136724.