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Our Latest Project – January/February 2023

The ‘Give Her A Chance’ Home for Older Girls

The Give Her A Chance project is intended to provide food, shelter, safe water, and a loving home to young girls aged 13 to 19 who are in need of a safe refuge. Here, girls from the Nakiragala and Buddo communities, and those who could not be accommodated at the Adonai Centre because of their age, have the opportunity to further their education, to receive technical, spiritual, and mental support, and to gain skills of self-reliance. (From

If you read the report of Christine’s visit to Adonai in Autumn 2022, you will have seen that the home for the older girls has not been completed. As with so many things, Covid played havoc with the building schedule and produced different priorities for use of finance. Read our blog post ‘The Covid Years’ to find out where our funding was directed during that time.

Christine was able to view the home herself in Autumn 2022 – a selection of her photos can be seen below. As you can see, the flat roof (not designed to be a roof!) has led to water damage during the heavy rains. In discussion with Aloysious, we have decided that finishing this building will be our priority this year. We have therefore sent £7000 to start the work on the second storey.

The photos below show the building in October 2022 and the original building work in 2019. We will add pictures of the work in progress as we receive them.

The Girls’ Home as of October 2022

Building the first storey – 2019

Progress on the second storey – January 2023