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Update December 2016

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View from Jajja Penny Home

View from Jajja Penny Home

As schools in the UK gear up for Christmas, schools in Uganda have reached the end of the academic year and are starting their long holiday. Exams have been taken, results are mainly in, and children know whether they can move up a class or need to repeat the year. The older primary children will soon know if they’ve gained the necessary grades to attend secondary school next year. Aloysious will send us details for all sponsored children when he can and we will pass these on to the sponsors.

GREAT NEWS! 12 of our sponsored ‘children’ have now completed their education, including vocational training, and are launching out into the world as independent young people, ready to support themselves and make their own contribution to society. We are so proud and so thankful to their sponsors who made this possible. We always have a list of children waiting to be given the same chance so if you know of anyone who may be interested, please tell them about Adonai.

The school term ended just in time – the rainy season is in full swing which makes it very difficult for children in the villages to walk to school. The dust roads turn to mud and become rather dangerous. On a more positive note, food prices doubled earlier this year due to a lack of rain adversely affecting the harvest. Hopefully this rain will help the next harvest – how good it would be to get sunshine and rain in balance and moderation!


We’re delighted to have set up a maintenance fund. At present we are using the monthly installments to replace the mattresses in the children’s homes and equip them with waterproof covers. Bed-wetting and traumatised children go hand in hand!

THE ADONAI CHRISTMAS PARTY was scheduled for Saturday 3rd December but due to the forecast for heavy rain, they brought it forward and held it on Friday 2nd while the children were already in school. See the separate post for pictures of the party.


We seem to have been telling you about this for ages and saying that it was nearly complete…. In February 2016, we sent you photos and said that we hoped the teachers would soon be moving in…. but building projects rarely seem to go to plan in the UK or Uganda! Economic instability in Uganda, partly due to the elections earlier this year, has resulted in huge price rises and the new staff block has fallen foul of this.  Last month, we managed to send the revised final payment to complete the interior and build a latrine. Visitors to AFU this year tell us that the block is looking good but the most recent visitor also tells us that they may be required to erect a security fence around it. We sincerely hope that building will be finished during the long school holiday (a bit less rain would be helpful!) and that staff will move in for the start of the new year at the end of January. We will keep you posted. We know that Aloysious is as frustrated as we are over this and he is always reluctant to ask for more than his original quote. He and his team will do their utmost to complete it asap. Thankfully, the economy appears to be stabilising again so our final payment – which included a little extra just in case – should be sufficient.

ROTATIONS 2017 – Thursday 20 July to Thursday 10 August 2017

A message from Christine Watson: I know it is early but perhaps Hazel you might mention Adonai UK at the shop to all supporters in case they all get too many Christmas presents and need to make space in their houses??!! Consider it mentioned Christine – and many thanks to you and Penny for your willingness to take this on again in 2017.

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