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Staff Accommodation Block

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MARCH 2017 Hooray! The teachers have moved in! Looks good doesn’t it? The small building on the left is the latrine block.

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JANUARY 2017 and progress can clearly be seen! These photos were taken on January 18th. We trust that the next batch will show the competed building with staff moving in.

face_2    face 2 below toilet is coming    view face 1 from sides    face view 1

UPDATE DECEMBER 2016 – We seem to have been telling you about this for ages and saying that it was nearly complete…. In February 2016, we posted the update below and said that we hoped the teachers would soon be moving in…. but building projects rarely seem to go to plan in the UK or Uganda! Economic instability in Uganda, partly due to the elections earlier this year, has resulted in huge price rises and the new staff block has fallen foul of this.  Last month, we managed to send the revised final payment to complete the interior and build a latrine. Visitors to AFU this year tell us that the block is looking good but the most recent visitor also tells us that they may be required to erect a security fence around it. We sincerely hope that building will be finished during the long school holiday (a bit less rain would be helpful!) and that staff will move in for the start of the new year at the end of January. We will keep you posted. We know that Aloysious is as frustrated as we are over this and he is always reluctant to ask for more than his original quote. He and his team will do their utmost to complete it asap. Thankfully, the economy appears to be stabilising again so our final payment – which included a little extra just in case – should be sufficient.

FEBRUARY 2016 – The staff block is looking good! In our December update we promised photos of the staff accommodation block when we had them. Well, here they are! The pictures below show phases 1 (planning to foundations), 2 (walls) and 3 (roof) —all of which were funded by Adonai UK.

The funding came mainly from Gift Aid and was topped up by specific fundraising activities. The new school year starts on February 20th and it is the Ugandan team’s hope that this block will be ready for the teachers to move in to. Phase 4 – doors and windows – is currently underway. The finishing touches internally will not be done as funding is not yet available – all thinking caps are on – but the main structure is there and looking really good! Thank you so much – you have all helped to build this.

Aloysious says: We are all grateful. Teachers deserve a nice, cool place after a long day with children. Also children will benefit from the savings. The latter statement refers to the money that will be saved by not paying rents for rooms for teachers. This can now be spent on other projects to benefit the children.

We hope this news will assure you that Gift Aid donations are used wisely and make a huge difference. We could not have funded this build without them. If you give regularly or irregularly, as a sponsor or a supporter, please consider gift aiding your support if you do not already so.

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