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Christmas is coming! Will you help make it a good one?

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The days are shorter, the evenings longer, the weather cooler…. and our thoughts turn to Christmas! For those at Adonai Family Uganda, Christmas will be celebrated in warm weather with sunshine and days that are the same length as at any other time of year. 12 hours of daylight, 12 hours of night – the effect of being equatorial.

Christmas for the Adonai children comes at the end of the school year. On December 9th, the long school holiday begins; the equivalent of our summer break here. Those who live with their families will return home and the Adonai team will be hoping and praying that all will return safely at the start of the new academic year in February. Term officially starts on Feb 4th but in true Ugandan style, it will be a week or so until the majority of children have returned. Parents and carers will make the most of having the youngsters at home to help out with chores indoors and on the land. Some may not return at all and Aloysious and team will scour the neighbourhood to find them and persuade the families to send them back.

November is exam time. In each class children will sit tests the result of which will determine their eligibility to go up to the next class in February. For the oldest primary school children, those in Primary 7 (P7) the results determine their eligibility to enter secondary school education. For those in P6, the results dictate whether they should even be given the chance to stay on to P7 and try for secondary school. School hours for P6 and P7 are longer at this time and many board so that they can study in the evenings uninterrupted by chores. SATS in the UK are stressful but the P6 and P7 exams in Uganda can determine a child’s educational future.

9By the time the holidays come around, the children and staff will have worked tirelessly and will be physically and mentally drained. Even more reason then to give them a Christmas party! Each sponsored child will be given a present – they will all be the same and will all be something useful that they have requested. Last year they were given colourful blankets to keep them warm at night; the year before it was school bags; one year it was shoes. We don’t know what will be chosen this year but we do know that it will depend on how much money we can send – will you help us?

It’s not just the children who benefit at Christmas; Adonai will soon be purchasing a bull that will be fattened up and then used to provide the poor and needy in the community with fresh beef at Christmas. Whilst the party is early in December, before the children return to their homes, the beef is distributed on Christmas Eve.

If you feel able to help us with a financial donation to the Christmas festivities at Adonai we will be very grateful. There are various ways to get money to us: via our bank account (Contact us for details); cash or cheque to a trustee; online using the donate now button on our website.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and Merry Christmas!

Hazel, Richard, Christine, Dave and Dina.


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